Corporate Social Responsibility

Our Philosophy

Giving back to the community that we live in

We are committed to reaching out to all levels of the community through participation in social and humanitarian programs and activities.

The group has provided monetary donations and other aid contributions such as food and face masks to various organizations including the Malaysian government COVID-19 fund, an old folk’s home, schools and other charitable organizations.

Our activities centered within Penang include:

The launch of the Penang Trails website in July 2012 provides both locals and tourists with information on the vast tracks and trails available in Penang. The website provides important information to prepare the hikers before they embark on the trails. The website is currently being updated to enhance hikers’ experience.

We promote sporting activities in Penang through our support towards the Penang Basketball Association. Among the programs are: ° The Penang Chief Minister Cup, an international basketball invitational championship held in October 2014
° The Annual D’nonce Cup Penang Open
° The 3-on-3 Street Challenge Basketball

We have sponsored two books “PENANG 12/31” and “Penangnism” that were published in 2010 and 2011 respectively. The two books aim at promoting the cultural resources in Penang.
The biggest hiking event “D’nonce Penang International Hiking Challenge” was organized in collaboration with the Penang Adventurer’s Club in April 2012. This event attracted over 2,000 hiking and outdoor enthusiasts.
Fund raising for the Japan tsunami and Bangkok flood victims.
We have also supported several Penang State Government initiatives, which indirectly benefited the community.

On a smaller scale, we continue to support and sponsor activities by various associations and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in Penang such as hospitals and education centers. We hope that our contributions will benefit the community.
We are confident that our contributions will, in one way or another, pave the way for many more activities that are aimed at benefitting the local communities.